I Can Conquer It! Daily Affirmations for Conquering Life’s Issues

Page-a-day daily affirmations from the Bible with space for readers to enter their own daily thoughts. The book aims to inspire readers to conquer negative issues with positive thinking and action.


Meet The Author

The purpose of this book is to encourage people facing daily life’s issues with God’s affirming way to conquer them. I began writing Daily Affirmations in 2000. I was frustrated with my life at the time; and complained about it to anyone who would listen. God revealed to me it was just as easy to share positive words as it was to spread negative ones. So, I started writing the Affirmations to encourage myself, as well as, to encourage others who were frustrated, too. Over time, the Affirmations grew to include family, friends and coworkers all over the country. Recipients began to share them with people they knew, and as a result, the Affirmations are now being shared worldwide! I hope you will read them, share them, meditate on them, and write reflections on how to use them to change your life. With God’s help, you can conquer anything!


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