Yes, I Killed Rev. Tremmel

Yes, I Killed Rev. Tremmel is a coming of age murder-mystery set in Grimmel, Georgia. Mason and his friends explore the intricate relationships and secrets connected to the murder of the infamous Rev. Tremmel.


Meet The Author

In a small southern town during the 1970s, Mason and his teen age friends have a special relationship with the young, hip, cool, suave, Rev. Tremmel, pastor of the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. The young men admire Rev. Tremmel and his beautiful, sophisticated wife, Ms. Sonya. However, Mason discovers that Rev. Tremmel is not what he appears to be. His mesmerizing façade eventually unravels, revealing that Rev. Tremmel is deeply intertwined with residents of the town in ways Mason could have never imagined. Other people eventually find out who and what Rev. Tremmel really is, and someone kills him. Mason works on his own to find who did it.


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