You Will Know the Truth (eBook)

You Will Know the Truth is a twisting, riveting plot that take Attorney Nicki and her cohort the secrets, murder, and government agencies to an unexpected ending.
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Unravel a mysterious murder, find out White House secrets, and discover the truth in this debut political thriller


When D.C. Public Defender Nicki Jo Lewis pulls the gruesome F Street murder no one is surprised—she’s the best. But quickly it becomes clear this case is different.

The D.C. police become mired in questions about another appalling crime scene seemingly unconnected. As Police Chief Coley tries to unravel the macabre findings there, his investigation is thwarted by his old friend U.S. Secret Service Agent Stackhouse. Apparently, the Service has already been at the scene, but of course they won’t, or can’t, disclose why.

Yet, one thing is clear. Nicki is caught up in something bigger than she knows. Someone or something has put her in the middle of it, and she is desperate to find out what’s going on. Everyone is keeping secrets—the government’s witness, the court reporter, the judge, possibly a juror, even the President of the United States. The only person she can trust is her investigator, Shep, who is with her every step of the way.

Turns out, Nicki has an old connection with a witness, and his world spills over into hers in ways that endanger, infuriate, and frighten her.

In her debut legal crime novel, You Will Know the Truth, attorney and author Leslie T. Thornton takes readers on a non-stop thrill ride that ricochets across Washington, D.C. through courtrooms, backrooms, and the Oval Office all to unravel the dangerous mystery the White House is hiding.

“What a terrific, galloping read. The women characters are badass, the details precise—from the courtroom to the Situation Room. Can’t wait to see the movie!”—George Stephanopoulos, Former White House Communications Director and network television anchor

“Leslie T. Thornton has cracked the code of the D.C. thriller—in a world where we live with constant distractions, she has created a novel so rich and engaging with plot twists you will never see coming, that I could not put it down. I squealed when twists were revealed. I could not get to the next page fast enough. It is the perfect read.”—Alyssa Mastromonaco, New York Times Best Selling author and co-host of Crooked Media’s Hysteria podcast

“This thriller moves with wonderful pace and surprise but not without plenty of thought provoking and entertaining moments. A host of compelling characters come together in this story in unpredictable yet believable ways. Leslie T. Thornton taps her unique life experiences to weave a gripping tale of intrigue that immerses the reader into some of the diciest spots in Washington, D.C.—from dark alleys to courthouses and the halls of The White House.”—Thurgood Marshall Jr., Former Assistant to the President and White House Cabinet Secretary to President Clinton, Former Director of Legislative Affairs, and Former Deputy Counsel to Vice President Gore